IELTS OR PTE. Which one to choose?

To test the proficiency in the English language – IELTS OR PTE are the common exams which are taken by students. In IELTS exam there are two modules: a) General Training b) Academic Training These two modules are same for PTE Exam also, let have a brief aspect on both band score.

What is the difference in IELTS band and PTE score?

PTE is the newest of all the English exam. IELTS, however, is traditional yet reliable. But, at the same time PTE has successfully carved a corner and earned itself a respectable position for itself.The difference is classified as:
  • 1) Where one side PTE is entirely computer-based, one other side PTE is entirely computer-based
  • 2) IELTS is considered to be a quality exam for every field, PTE has gained wide acceptability in MBA institutions and MBA students

Content and Structure difference of IELTS and PTE?

In IELTS English also involve four main sections Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. In PTE, the speaking and writing go simultaneously.

It aims to test your spoken English with the help of read out aloud section, you need to repeat sentences and personal introduction. Moreover, in the writing section, examiner judges the ability of a candidate to respond in a correct language. In IELTS there is a provision for a live conversation between the examiner and the candidate 7 to 8 questions are asked on a given topic. This is not like the same in PTE. In PTE candidate need to speak on a microphone and all the responses are recorded. Time set for each paper in Ielts, whereas in PTE it has section timings and can move forward only.

Conductibility of IELTS and PTE EXAM?

PTE is conducted all around the year and takes place over 199+ centers in world. Whereas, IELTS exam has fixed dates. Academic Tests takes place 4 times whereas general takes place twice a month.

Scoring Pattern of IELTS and PTE?

There is a scoring pattern differences in both the tests.

PTE is the world’s largest computer-based English exam and the scoring is also completely based on computerized scoring where automated scoring, grades a test taker in the band of 10-90. This is known as the Thermometer Scale.

IELTS uses a 0-9 band pattern in the manual scoring pattern of IELTS exam.

The difference in Declaration of Results of IELTS and PTE

PTE is well known for its fast delivery of result. The PTE scores are delivered within 5 business days. Even multiple copies are send for the score to different address free of cost. IELTS takes an average of 13 calendar days from the date of final examination held. These were the basic difference in both exams and basic of IELTS AND PTE EXAM.