The importance of Grammar in Ielts

Grammar is the basis of all languages, it can also be termed as initial of English language. One must know the need and importance of grammar in Ielts. All grammar which is the basis of English for IELTS is important, but there are some specific things that are directly related to IELTS. There is no actual grammar test section in the IELTS test, but you are still graded on this by the examiner in speaking and writing test sections. These are the list specifically what you are graded on in each test:


  • 1) Task Achievement / Response
  • 2) Coherence and Cohesion
  • 3) Lexical Resource
  • 4) Grammatical Range and Accuracy


  • 1) Fluency and coherence
  • 2) Lexical Resource
  • 3) Grammatical Range and Accuracy
  • 4) Pronunciation

Grammar makes approx 25% to 30% of each test. Thou its very important to work on grammar part to accomplish best result in IELTS.

The grammar for IELTS writing marked exactly as

Its marked according to the a band score (so you get four scores) and these are then averaged to get your overall score for your writing. For example:


  • 1) Task Achievement / Response - band 6
  • 2) Coherence and Cohesion - band 6
  • 3) Lexical Resource - band 6
  • 4) Grammatical Range and Accuracy - band 5
Overall Score = 5.5

The table below shows two sections i.e. lexis and grammar. You can also see that it is important to follow these :

  • 1) Getting your word forms right
  • 2) Understanding how to write complex sentences
  • 3) Expanding range of grammatical structures you can use
  • 4) Using grammar accurately (minimizing your error density).

Practice some idioms, vocabulary and words on daily basis to achieve more.