Ielts Test Format Tutorial

The aspirants who are going to take the IELTS exam training or are going to give the exam, should know the pattern of Ielts Exam and details about all the four modules.

  • 1) Reading
  • 2) Writing
  • 3) Listening
  • 4) Speaking

Begning with Time Allocation For All 4 Modules:

  • Speaking - 11 to 15 Minutes
  • Writing - 60 Minutes
  • Reading - 60 Minutes
  • Listening - 40 Minutes

Total Time Alloted is 2 Hours 40 Minutes, whereas when it comes to Speaking module it is held on a separate day, which is scheduled within a span of 7 days before or after the main exam.

Booking Exam Through British Council: If you book your exam through official website of British Council the schedule for exam will be on single date.

Module Details:
  • 1)Listening Module

    a) It comprises of 40 Questions and 4 Sections in total.

    b) With every set of 10 Questions the level of difficulty increase, so prepare accordingly.

    c) An audio clip will be played for 30 Minutes and you have to answer 40 Questions in 30 Minutes.

    Note: Be Calm! If you make a mistake. You will get additional 10 Minutes to transfer your answers from question booklet to the answer sheet.

  • 2) Reading Module

    Reading comprises of comprehension passages having authentic text which is gathered from newspapers and journals.

    a)There are 3 section and 40 Question in all. The variety of question types are covered, which include:

    • - Fill Ups
    • - Multiple Choice Questions
    • - List Of Headings
    • - True/ False/ Not Given

    Note- Slight difference can be seen in Reading Pattern, unlike Listening no extra time is alloted to students to transfer the answers.

  • 3) Writing Module

    In Writing Module we have two tasks. a)Task One- Academic Writing Here you get summarise text where you have to write a report based on.

    • - Charts
    • - Graphs
    • - Diagrams

    a) ask One-General Writing Here you need to write a letter which can be.

    • - Formal
    • - Informal
    • - Semi-Formal

    b) Task Two- Same For Academic & General Writing You need to write an essay and remember it carries high weightage than task one.

    c) Word Limit

    • - In task one you have to write Minimum 150 Words.
    • - In task two you have to write Minimum 250 Words.

  • 4) Speaking Module It is basically a conversation between examiner and candidate. This conversation is divided into 3 sections:

    • i)Brief Introduction- Here the examiner will ask about your introduction and some general topic questions.
    • ii) Cue Card Topic- Here the examiner will give you a topic, you have 1 minute to prepare on the topic and then you have to speak on topic for 1-2 minutes and examiner will not intrupt youn in between.
    • iii) Follow Ups- Here based on your second section the examiner will ask 6-7 questions on same topic and you have to answer the questions.

Catch you up with an other informative blog, till then Study well !!